Translation Service

Babel’s backbone of services is our Document Translation Service. We are very keen when to every intricate detail and every aspect of the document that we translate that’s why we are the most reliable translation service provider in Bangkok, Phuket Thailand. Translation of documents is both a work of science and art. Document translators must put their knowledge into the translation work and thoroughly translate every word and every detail. In order for the work to be translated correctly completely, and grammatical correct, the context should be exact as well as the customers must meet and coordinate with the translator to meet the goals and objectives. Our team in Document Translation Service in Bangkok expertise in majority of the industries and business fields, you do not need to worry about having your document translated exactly with the correct terminology and context because we will take care of it for you. Our translation service is concise, exact and thoroughly checked for professional use, we make sure that the document will be exactly translated in your desired language.


Babel Translation Service Center

Babel Document Translation Center has opened document translation operations for many years with customers both at the corporate level, companies and foreign entities as well as the general public including government agencies and state enterprises. with customers both at the corporate level, the company and the general public Including government agencies and state enterprises. Our translation team consists of full time, part time, administrative and auditing staff. They are well-versed in the Language Service industry and are deemed experts in Document Translation. Each of our staffs are expert in translating specific language, you don’t have to worry because our Translation Center is tailor-fit for your needs.

Documents that we are provide Translation Service

  1. Personal basic documents such as the following: ID card, house registration, birth certificate, name change certificate, change of surname, marriage registration certificate, prenuptial agreement, marriage record, divorce certificate, divorce record, etc.
  2. Corporate documents such as company certificate, list of company objectives, company memorandum, list of shareholders, minutes and summary of meetings, conference record, new director, company regulations, Limited Stock Certificate, Ordinary Partnership Certificate, etc.
  3. Contract documents such as lease agreements, contracts to buy and sell condominiums, Contract to buy land and buildings or villas, Shareholder agreement, last will and testament, sale and purchase agreement, etc. If you are looking forward to drafting new agreements please visit Siam Attorney International
  4. Documents about real estate such as land title deeds, certificate of ownership of condominium units, contract of sale, lease or mortgage, Department of Land Building permit EIA approval, due diligence report, real estate certificates, etc.
  5. Business documents, such as ISO manuals and business presentations, Company website, and many more.

Document that we do not Translate

We reserve the right to not accept any educational material required by a Teacher or Professor for a student such as English Proficiency Exam, English Home works, English Manuals, and any document required by a teacher to a student. We firmly believe and stand by our business ethics; such work should be used for knowledge and must be accomplished by students themselves. We have several years of experience in Document Translation and we have received various clients who are students trying to have educational materials required by their teachers translated or interpreted because we believe that Perseverance is the key and it is the student’s responsibility.

Translation Certification

Babel Translation Center have two office both situated in Thailand. We have Translation Service in Bangkok, Translation in Sukhumvit as well as Translation Service in Phuket. We can have any translated document certified for you, we can also have it checked and proofread for assurance purposes. Babel Translation Center’s service is not just limited to translation service but also authentication and legalization of any documents. If you will be needing the document for embassies, courts or other government agencies, we can have it officially sealed after the translation service is done. If you are unsure whether the translation work must be certified or not, you may consult us or see our service fee for further information

What languages do we accept?

Babel has a variety of translation teams. In order to respond to the needs of our wide range of customers, our team specializes in the following languages:

Thai         Thai

Chinese        Chinese

French        French

English            English

Japanese            Japanese

Spanish            Spanish

Summary of Translation Service

Translation of documents must be done by a certified translation and has a knowledge of that specific language. The translator that will work on the document must be professionally inclined in the translation industry. Our Translation Service in Bangkok is one of the best in the country, we also have Translation Service in Phuket. We do not just provide translation service but we also make sure that it is precise, accurate and meticulously accomplished. We take full responsibility for every translation of document that we do, our team is comprised of dedicated individuals ready to serve you.