Visa Services in Thailand

Babel Visa & Translation Services Center’s forte is the Visa Services. Our team comprises of experienced and trained visa specialists that handles applications for any type of visa professionally. Our Visa Service in Bangkok has earned its reputation for being one of the most reliable in the industry. If you are looking for a professional visa application agency, then Babel is the right one for you.

Babel has opened visa services for foreign countries such as the UK, US, Australia, Canada, and European Countries, etc. Our team can assist you will all your visa related needs, our visa services is also deemed reliable as our staffs are well-verse and have a significant experience in processing visa for our clients. Our clients will definitely receive accurate and updated information, we will educate our clients with regards to the Visa they are looking forward to have as well as all necessary details that they need to know with a guaranteed positive outcome.


Getting to know our Visa Service Department

Babel Visa Department are comprised of experienced staffs, they are professionals and have helped a lot of our clients to obtain Visa. Some of our staffs have previously worked for the embassy centers and at the VFS Global Visa Application Center. Our visa service is deemed extremely satisfactory and well-grounded as our visa team can communicate well in English and have a lot of knowledge about visa application process. If you have a girlfriend or sponsor as a foreigner, or if you have a prospective employer and support from other country, do not worry because our team can talk to them to explain or request the visa documentation directly. Here at Babel Visa & Translation Services, we will serve you with a smile.


Why should you choose our Visa Services?

For those who will apply a Visa for other countries for the first time it is very important to understand the actual rules of each country when it comes to their Visas. Each country has different eligibility and requirements, you have to know every detail to be able to get your visa application approved, but do not worry because Babel’s Visa Department will take care of it from you.

We are aware that once you apply for a Visa and the embassy rejected your application, it may be difficult to reapply or make new data changes as it may conflict with the same information that you previously provided that’s why we make sure to avoid any mistakes and to give a positive outcome at your first and only visa application.

Making the first Visa Application is quite important. It must be processed accordingly, following all the necessary steps and procedure as required by the Embassy of the country you are apply for a Visa. Before Babel starts with your Visa Application, we assess all of your documents to know the strength and if there are any weakness, we will do our best to provide the best solution so your Visa Application will go smoothly.

Our Visa Team have handled variety of cases (an average of 100 visa application per month) and we are proud to say the we always get the positive outcome for every application that we manage and take care of. We know how to process the application and we always provide all the necessary information to our clients. We always maximize the opportunities that we have with our client to make sure that our clients will pass the Visa Application.

Easy to visit us

In addition, Babel’s company is located in the heart of Bangkok, Asoke, near the MRT Sukhumvit Station and BTS Line Asoke Station, our office is easily accessible for our clients. You may visit our office as well to prove that we are legitimate and our services are reliable because for the past years, we have been receiving clients that have went to other agencies without getting any visa or just being scammed. Rest assured that with Babel, your well-being is our top priority, and getting your Visa approved is our main goal.

รับทำวีซ่า ออสเตรเลีย

The type of visa we accept

In general, the usual type of visa that we handle for our clients are the following visa types:

Tourist Visa

This type of visa is a short-term visa. In most cases, the duration of the visa is between 1-6 months. Although some countries will put visa stickers longer, for example, America may grant a visa sticker valid for up to 10 years. When you travel to this country, they will allow you to stay up to 6 months on your own. Tourist Visa is used for tourism purposes and for some, it is provisioned for short-term job meeting, and other causes. With this type of visa being the least complicated, the Visa applicant needs to be financially stable and is capable of traveling, has a Career to foster, and or other evidence that represents the occupational and financial security status of the application.

Tourist visas are primarily considered by the financial status and career of the applicant. Clients always have a query about what if they don’t have enough money, how can they apply? What if they are still studying and do not have a job? The answer is by having a sponsor, with the exception for the US Tourist Visa, even though you will have a sponsor and all of your documents are deemed valid, it will still be depending on the decision of the Embassy, you don’t have to worry because they will always consider your application.

We provide visa services for Tourism purposes for the following counties such as the United Kingdom, the US, Australia, Canada and European countries or otherwise known as Schengen Visa.

TIP: Applying for a US visa or other country with the help of a tour company/agency will help make the visa application easier?

We believe that many of you probably received information or seen advertisements from various places that tour companies can help make visa application easier. But we disagree with this idea, mainly because when you ask some tour company “How about if my Visa has been denied? Will I get my money back or not?” majority of the tour company that we know does not provide cash back or refund for any of their visa transactions may it be successful or unsuccessful, with a little guarantee of approval.

As Visa applicant, you should know that each Visa Application will be considered on a case-by-case basis, the result will be based on your credentials and documents. Please refer to the reply from US. Embassy below.


Engagement Visa (Fiancé/Fiancée Visa)

Engagement Visa, or fiancé/fiancée visas are considered to be more complex than a tourist visa. This is mainly because you must prove to the embassy that your relationship with your girlfriend/boyfriend is genuine and you have to provide significant and intricate details about your relationship.

There are a lot of complications when it comes to this type of visa as the embassies or the officers in charge of the visa application will ask for several details about your relationship with your better half. Because this type of visa has been taken advantage because of the fact that some people just want to go to other countries and work there and just making use of the visa.

Babel’s Visa Service is aware of the difficulties with processing this type of visa application and we know what steps to follow so rest assure that if you are interested with this visa, we can help you and we can guarantee a positive outcome for your application.

รับทำวีซ่า คู่หมั้น

Marriage Visa

This type of visa is quite complicated, but one of the most considered the embassies because the International Law constitutes that spouses should live together as a family and should not live apart from each other. Although the spouses must have a genuine relationship, legally and de factor in simple terms. It is also necessary to have a legal marriage registration and have been together for couple of years before applying for this type of visa.

The challenge of getting a marriage visa will be the preparation of documents for both the men and women. The important thing about this type of visa is the problem that we encounter when processing it, the problems often is that the male side works but does not file a tax return legally in his country, and when we start to process the visa, the relevant documents for the application is not ready. When we file for a Visa Application, the document is not ready. Babel makes sure that before you sign an agreement with us as your Visa Service provider, we will have complete documents and we will have a smooth sailing for your Visa Application.

Marriage Visa is a very special visa with a lot of benefits to the recipient, the process should be meticulously handled, it should be followed accordingly with the circumspection citizen of that country. The applicants have to register marriage and both must be single or divorced from the previous relationship. At Babel Visa Department, we make sure that before we process your visa application, we will take note of every details first and we will study all your documents to guarantee an easy process.



The details provided above are just initial information, in fact the working method must be process by the intention and profession of a specialist. Our clients will be treated and considered in case because we value every application, and we also set a goal of having only the positive outcome. If you are looking forward to obtaining any of the mentioned visa, do not hesitate to contact us for Consultation.

Babel’s Visa Services excels in all aspects as we make sure to have a thorough communication with our clients and assess all documents before we process the Visa Application. We also provide necessary and specific details about the Visa Process and we update our clients from time to time. We guarantee you that with Babel’s Visa services, we will serve you with assurance and a smile.