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writing service

We cannot deny that in this modern world the English Language is very important to us both in our daily life, work and doing business, in which if you’re doing business, it is compulsory to use English Language in Promoting products, applying for Jobs, making a website or even Publicizing an organization. It is the universally known language, English is commonly used in our everyday life and in all aspects of the corporate world. In marketing perspective, it helps you expand your product and even make it universally reliable and elegant as English is the basic language known by everyone. So, let us provide writing service for your business.

If you are not that capable in English Language or if you need assistance, Babel has services that can help you. We can write articles for you or even draft some important documents, if you already have a document or article may it be in any language, then we can help you translate it into English. You may consult us for further information about our translation and drafting services.

The difference between writing service and translation service

In writing English Articles, the author must have a clear understanding of the subject before writing. The writer must also express what he wants to convey to the readers to understand what and how the readers view the article, this will create a thorough communication between the writer and the reader, this will also help a reader to confirm and believe the message that the writer wants to convey, and it will help the reader decide on what steps to take after. Writing English Articles uses more power and imagination, it will embody what the writer wants to express rather than Translation that just explain the article in other language.

For the English Translation, the translator must have an understanding of the translated words. He must have a clear perspective of what the article or document mean. Translating into English must be meaningful and it must match the context of the original article or document. Translation is basically just conveying the message of the original article or document to other language. The translator will not be able to reword or revise the original document as it may convey or change the meaning of it and it will lose the essence of originality.

Do not worry because we can help you with both Writing English Articles and Translating documents.

Work that we accept

  • Marketing articles about products or services
  • Articles that will be put on the website, site or fan page
  • Cover Letter and Resume
  • Letter of recommendation for Visa application
  • Other general articles. (Please send us the work)

Work that we do not accept

Writing educational materials and the like for Students (any level).

Writing or drafting of legal documents such as contracts, wills, agreements, letter, notice etc. To write and draft legal documents, contact our lawyers here, Siam Attorney International, there will be professional lawyers who will assist you.

What customers should prepare before submitting work for us to write

  1. Job topics and job content that will be written as a whole.
  2. Guidelines for writing, such as formal reading, giving knowledge or selling products.
  3. Where will this writing be placed or used?
  4. Who is the author of the writing job? It is also a must that we know the gender, age and occupation so we can do it on his/her perspective.

Why choose us?

Babel’s English Article Writing team is composed of Filipino and Thai professionals. One of them has been an English Teacher for a long time and graduated Major in English with first class honors In English literature, so you can expect that the use of English Language will be natural and will match the context of the job you will assign us to do, we also focus on grammar to make the work come out as accurately and as professional as possible.

In doubt with our service? call us for consultation and we can provide you examples of our works. Babel’s English Article Writing team will prove to you that we can provide the best service.

Conclusion for writing service

English article writing is a work that requires both science and art together. The author, in addition to having good knowledge and understanding of the words, must know how to write and use correct grammar. The author must have imagination a vast imagination and ideas and must be passionate about writing. Our team can assure you that we will be able to meet and exceed your expectations when it comes to this service. Babel is ready to help you in writing English Articles and drafting documents.

What are you waiting for? Contact us now for inquiries and consultation, we can’t wait to provide the best service just for you.